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Tristan Barani

Songs of Childhood

Concept, Choreography by Pascal Merighi

Performed by Thusnelda Mercy, Dominique Mercy

Texte: Song of childhood by Peter Handke. Reader Jack Laskey

Light designe by Adam Carree & Pascal Merighi
Camera & Editting: Charly Cattrall

Originaly commissioned by Sadler's Wells, London, as part of Elixir Festival 2017.

A small form for the two dancers Thusnelda Mercy and Dominique Mercy, which allows us to approach closer to an intimate and personal choreographic vocabulary. An atmosphere tinged with one of our natural ties, memories, filiation.


Directed and choreographed by   Pascal Merighi

Choreographic collaboration & interpreted by  Clémentine Deluy, Damiano Ottavio Bigi, Thusnelda Mercy

Lighting by  Fernando Jacon

DJ & musical Collaboration : Volker Wurth

SAMUEL is a theatrical and choreographic journey inspired by the atmosphere and rhythm of the text found in Samuel Beckett’s "The lost Ones ».

This new production premiered on 09.05.2015 in the Bellini Theatre / Napoli with the generous support of Bellini Theatre Napoli (Italy ) , Goethe Institute Naples, Napoli Institut Francais , Institute Francais Roma Café ADA Mare eV ( Germany ) and Ekeby Art and Research (Netherlands )
The German Premier in October 2015 was shown in the Theater am Engelsgarten in Wuppertal.


Concept & peformed by:   Pascal Merighi

Dramaturg & Assistant:  Thusnelda Mercy

Sound Design & Assistant:  Volker Wurth


A matrix of six soli by Pascal Merighi created for Pina Bausch’s pieces from 2000 to 2005

Commissioned by Pina Bausch Foundation for the Exhibition PINA BAUSCH AND THE TANZTHEATER at the Bundeskunsthalle Bonn.
This production was made possible by the support of the Kunst- und Ausstellungshalle der Bundesrepublik Deutschland 

Sharing a Power Socket
mon théâtre techniques de pointe expliquées à mes voisins.

Concept, choreographic, performed by Thusnelda Mercy in collaboration with Florence Minder.

Text: Florence Minder, Thusnelda Mercy


Commissionned by FAA ( Fabrique Autonome des Acteurs )


Die 5 Richtlinien:
1. Wie bin ich zu meinen Beruf gekommen? 
2.  Eine spezifische Technik meines Berufes, einem nicht aus dem Beruf kommenden Publikum zu erklären.
3. Meine wichtigste Erfahrung als Zuschauerin?
4. Intimität mit dem Publikum kreieren.
5. Maximale Länge: 30 min 

That Paper Boy, un solo pour Dominique Mercy

Concept & direction:   Pascal Merighi

Choreografie:  Pascal Merighi in collaboration with Dominique Mercy

Performed by Dominique Mercy

Assistant to direction:  Thusnelda Mercy

Video design: Alexandre Castres

Light: Graham Cutting


Originally commissioned by Sadler’s Wells London, as part of the Elixir Festival. 

"The opportunity to work with Dominique Mercy was given through the commission of Sadler’s Wells for the Elixir Festival 2014.
Starting with a couple of dialogues, the idea to create an inside look on some spontaneous memories, desires, thoughts about time passing by.
Trying to draw a painting with the colors he proposed.
Sharing and giving the possibilities to show his sensibility through silence, a look, thoughts and his experimented body language. »
Pascal Merighi